Charles County sheriff’s deputy saves a 10-day-old baby’s life

An area sheriff's deputy is being credited with saving a baby's life.

WASHINGTON — An area sheriff’s deputy is being credited with saving a baby’s life.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office said a mother in Waldorf called 911 saying her 10-day-old baby was not breathing.

Charles County Sheriff’s Office K9 Officer PFC Darin Behm got to the home and found a woman trying to help the baby breathe.  Behm noticed the infant’s face was red and was clearly struggling.

Behm opened the child’s mouth and saw formula inside.  He tilted her head and did a finger sweep in an effort to clear her airway, but that did not work.

After he  could not get a hold of an aspirator, Behm placed his mouth over the baby’s nose and mouth, then gently sucked until a large chunk of formula came out, clearing the windpipe.  The glob of formula was about the size of a dime with thick mucus.

The baby, identified as “Baby Dana,”  was able to breathe better, but she was taken to Children’s Hospital as a precaution.  She was discharged a few hours later.

“I’m glad I was able to help,” Behm said afterward.  “It’s what we do.”

The mother, who has not been identified, says she is extremely grateful for Behm’s help.

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