7 ways to prepare your portfolio for a recession

Protect your portfolio.

Signs of a possible slowing global economy and the potential impact that it could have in the U.S. has some investors concerned about the next recession.

The U.S. economy hasn’t been in a recession since the last one ended in 2009.

While most economists don’t see that happening in the near future, “it will happen sooner or later,” says Richard Mathes, president of The Mathes Company in New York.

Now might be the time for investors to review how resilient their portfolio would be to a U.S. recession and the steps they should take. For investors who might want to be more defensive with their holdings, here are seven investments to consider.

To recap, here are a few considerations that investors should weigh when trying to build a recession-proof portfolio:

— Cash.

— U.S. Treasury bonds.

— High-quality dividend stocks.

— Preferred stocks.

— Emerging stocks.

— Commodities.

— Diversified assets.

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