How much does $100 buy you in DC? Less than everywhere else in the US

When it comes to bang for your buck, the District comes up short.

That’s according to the Tax Foundation, which used price and household consumption data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to show how much $100 can buy you in every state, relative to the national average. They used the data to generate this nifty map.

D.C. comes in dead last at $84.67, meaning you can buy far fewer goods and services than the national average. That’s not too surprising, since D.C., consumed entirely by a metropolitan area, is being compared to states both large and small, both rural and urban.

The District comes in behind Hawaii at $85.62 and New York at $86.43. Maryland is also more expensive than the national average at $90.66, while Virginia is closer at $97.47.

But your dollar stretches the most in the deep south, with Mississippi at $115.34 and Arkansas at $114.29, followed closely by Alabama at $113.90.

Before you make plans to move though, remember that places with higher costs of living also…

Read the full story from the Washington Business Journal.

Here's what $100 buys you in each state. (Courtesy Tax Foundation)
Here’s what $100 buys you in each state. (Courtesy Tax Foundation)

Read the full report.

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