2 tied to charity-gone-wrong story arrive in Baltimore

BALTIMORE (AP) — A man who garnered sympathy and media attention after maintaining that a panhandler killed his wife has been returned to Baltimore, along with his daughter, to face murder charges.

Baltimore police say 52-year-old Keith Smith and his 28-year-old daughter Valeria Smith, both of Baltimore, arrived from Texas early Thursday and were booked on first-degree murder charges. Bail hearings were to be held later in the day.

The suspects are charged in the death of 54-year-old Jacquelyn Smith, who was married to Keith Smith. She was fatally stabbed in December.

Keith Smith has said his wife was attacked after handing $10 to a roadside panhandler. But police say he concocted that story.

The two suspects were arrested March 5 in Texas during what police call a desperate dash for Mexico.

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