• Survey shows teen behavior changing

    There\’s somewhat surprising news about teenage behavior. They\’re more active, report less bullying and are drinking less alcohol. But they\’re also using more smokeless tobacco.

  • Maryland town asking residents for a slogan

    Can you sum up your hometown in a slogan? One town in Maryland is hoping its residents can.

  • D.C. ranks low, Va. high on new tax use survey

    Taxes are part of the American experience, but not all states are taxed the same, nor are those taxes used the same.

  • Many Americans can’t answer science questions

    Whether the Earth orbits the sun or astrology is scientific are questions many Americans cannot answer correctly.

  • The road to romance

    If you\’re feeling confident in your relationship, maybe it\’s time to hit the road. After all, road trips are the new way to test — and strengthen — your relationship.

  • Fairfax County bullying problem surfaces in survey

    Over half of the Fairfax County students surveyed about bullying say they have been bullied, teased or taunted more than 20 times in the last year.