• Hospital deregulation efforts fails in Virginia

    An effort by doctors, tea party groups, conservative lawmakers and others to loosen government oversight of new or expanded health care facilities has failed.

  • Hospitals launch ad campaign ahead of vote

    Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association launched a new statewide ad campaign aimed at defeating legislation it says would put smaller, rural hospitals out of business.

  • Republican panel defeats gun control legislation

    Virginia’s hospitals are trying to flex their political muscle at the General Assembly, hoping to push GOP lawmakers into supporting hospital-friendly legislation.

  • Survey: Hospitals failing to stop spread of ‘superbugs’

    WASHINGTON — Twice as many people die of infections they catch in the hospital than die in car crashes, and hospitals in the D.C. area are no better than the nationwide average in keeping patients…

  • Nurses tell all about the fitness of hospitals

    WASHINGTON — Nurses get a firsthand look at conditions in our hospitals: they work there everyday amidst the dramas and miracles of modern medicine. And one of the things they have learned is when hospitals…

  • Flu prompts local hospitals to ban children from visiting

    WASHINGTON — The flu has reached such epidemic levels this season that two local hospitals won’t allow children to visit its facilities. Specifically, the hospitals are restricting visitors and hospital volunteers under 18. The Novant…

  • Hospitals near Dulles prepared for Ebola

    As the CDC enhances Ebola screenings at Dulles International Airport, nearby hospitals are preparing to receive patients who have Ebola-like symptoms.

  • Holy Cross Health will open its new $202M hospital in Germantown

    Starting next Wednesday, Oct. 1, Holy Cross Health officially opens it\’s brand new six-story hospital on the campus of Montgomery County\’s Community College – Germantown Campus.

  • Belhaven mayor wraps march to DC to save hospital

    EMERY P. DALESIO Associated Press RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina mayor fighting to reopen a hospital in his rural North Carolina town is finishing his protest march to the nation’s capital. Belhaven Mayor…

  • Gender plays role in pain after surgery (Video)

    Researchers who interviewed 10,200 patiens over more than four years in Germany found men tend to feel more pain after major surgeries than women.

  • Consumer Reports ranks D.C. area’s safest hospitals

    Getting the right medical attention at hospitals can be
    life-saving and five D.C. area hospitals are being recognized for their patient
    care, overall safety and capacity to save lives.

  • Inova Fair Oaks to mark opening of radiation oncology unit

    The Fairfax hospital plans to celebrate the opening of its new radiation oncology center next Tuesday even though the majority of the $45 million, five-story building for the Inova Comprehensive Cancer and Research Institute isn\’t even finished yet.

  • How long will you wait at the emergency room?

    An app shows you how long it takes, on average, to see a doctor or other licensed professional at hospitals near you, plus the time it takes to drive there.

  • New Prince George’s hospital to cost $655M

    The proposed Prince George\’s County Regional Medical Center in Largo will contain just 231 beds and cost approximately $655 million to build and equip, according to operator Dimensions Healthcare Systems and its expert consultants.

  • Inova, Kaiser Permanente to cut ties

    Inova Health System and Kaiser Permanente will completely sever
    ties Oct. 1, cutting off insurance coverage for the health plan\’s
    members at Northern Virginia\’s largest hospital system.