• Coyote reportedly spotted in Prince William County

    A coyote was reportedly seen by a resident in the Buckhall area of Prince William County, according to a release from the Prince William Health District.

  • National Park Service: No coyote-wolf hybrids in D.C.

    The National Park Service is setting the record straight about
    coyote-wolf hybrids after an outdoors publication says the breed is invading
    D.C.\’s Rock Creek Park.

  • Coyotes spotted in Va. suburban neighborhoods

    Local national parks may be closed because of the government
    shutdown, but that has not prevented the coyote population from looking for food
    in nearby neighborhoods.

  • Game official: Coyote sightings to rise

    Sherry Crockett is used to seeing deer, wild turkeys, foxes and raccoons in the woodlands that surround her home But a coyote — now that was a bit of a surprise.

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  • First coyote caught on tape in Arlington (VIDEO)

    Coyotes have been spotted across the capital region before, but it has never been confirmed that the shy canines prowl through heavily populated Arlington County. Until now.

  • Coyotes can ‘squeak out a living’ anywhere

    \”It\’s highly likely that some are running around in the metropolitan area,\” says Greg Weiler, project leader for the Potomac River National Wildlife Refuge Complex.