• Salisbury uses coyote decoy to address geese problem

    Salisbury Mayor Jake Day says the decoy is being used to scare away the geese, which he says can be a nuisance because of their noise and because they get in the way of traffic.

  • Fairfax County sees uptick in coyotes

    Minimize your chances of encountering a coyote by keeping your pets inside, taking down bird feeders or outdoor pet bowls and securing your garbage can. Read more tips for keeping them at bay.

  • Pet coyote caught in Md., euthanized

    WASHINGTON — A coyote being kept as a pet was captured near a restaurant in Calvert County on Wednesday, NBC Washington reports. Animal control caught the coyote running around near Neptune’s in North Beach, Maryland, just after 8…

  • Coyote in York County tests positive for rabies

    YORKTOWN, Va. (AP) — Residents of an area of York County are being notified that a coyote has tested positive for rabies. The Peninsula Health District tells media outlets that the coyote was found in…

  • How to avoid attracting ‘nuisance’ coyotes

    WASHINGTON — Local wildlife officials want homeowners to take measures to avoid attracting coyotes. Those measures would include not leaving pet food outside, removing bird feeders and clearing away brush piles where rodents may live and attract…

  • Va. Farm Bureau supports coyote control program, said needed

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Virginia Farm Bureau says a program to control coyotes and reduce agricultural losses is needed. The Virginia Cooperative Coyote Damage Control program works to help farmers resolve so-called predation problems.…

  • Coyote reportedly spotted in Prince William County

    A coyote was reportedly seen by a resident in the Buckhall area of Prince William County, according to a release from the Prince William Health District.

  • National Park Service: No coyote-wolf hybrids in D.C.

    The National Park Service is setting the record straight about
    coyote-wolf hybrids after an outdoors publication says the breed is invading
    D.C.\’s Rock Creek Park.

  • Coyotes spotted in Va. suburban neighborhoods

    Local national parks may be closed because of the government
    shutdown, but that has not prevented the coyote population from looking for food
    in nearby neighborhoods.

  • Game official: Coyote sightings to rise

    Sherry Crockett is used to seeing deer, wild turkeys, foxes and raccoons in the woodlands that surround her home But a coyote — now that was a bit of a surprise.

  • WTOP’s Top 5 morning stories

    Five stories to keep you informed and get you going.

  • First coyote caught on tape in Arlington (VIDEO)

    Coyotes have been spotted across the capital region before, but it has never been confirmed that the shy canines prowl through heavily populated Arlington County. Until now.

  • Coyotes can ‘squeak out a living’ anywhere

    \”It\’s highly likely that some are running around in the metropolitan area,\” says Greg Weiler, project leader for the Potomac River National Wildlife Refuge Complex.