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  • Windows 8.1 Update: A confusing but important upgrade

    Windows 8 was Microsoft\’s attempt to create a touch screen and mobile-friendly operating system. But some think the company went way too far. The 8.1 Update seems to be Microsoft\’s silent mea culpa to keyboard and mouse-concentric users, but it\’s more than that.

  • Computer programs help find the right new hire

    Machines are starting to determine who\’s right for the job. And, what\’s more, they\’re even predicting who will be the star employee.

  • Back-to-school computer discounts for students, teachers

    Looking for a sweet back-to-school computer deal? There are a few to choose from.

  • Website of the Week: Ninite.com

    Installing software on a new computer isn\’t the
    headache it once was.