• Missing SATs never made delivery truck

    WASHINGTON – Hundreds of missing SATs never got close to arriving at the College Board, according to UPS records. Earlier this month, about 300 high school students took the exam at Broad Run High School…

  • Is Greek life right for your college-bound kid?

    WASHINGTON — To rush? Or not to rush? That is the question. Many graduating high school seniors will soon be heading off to college. Parenting blogger Leslie Morgan Steiner, of, discusses the pros and…

  • Local schools make most underrated colleges list

    WASHINGTON —  What do Howard University, St. Johns College in Annapolis and James Madison University have in common?  All three have landed on BuzzFeed’s list of the 27 most underrated colleges in America.    It can be fairly…

  • Local colleges ranked on nationwide value assessment

    WASHINGTON — Whether you’re a student or a parent, choosing a college is a major life decision. But the value of a school is about more than cost. It’s about potential. While college A could…

  • Candid conversations early-on key to talking money with kids

    WASHINGTON — Kids might not gravitate toward financial management discussions, but starting the lessons early will leave them better prepared for life in the real world. Janet Bodnar, editor of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, says parents…

  • Local cities rank among best in U.S. for millennial college students

    WASHINGTON — As millennials embark on their search for the perfect college, new research suggests several places in the D.C. area are some of the most appealing. A ranking by college search website,, found that D.C.,…

  • A little college can be worse than none

    One expert says that if you start on a four-year degree, it\’s important to finish. It\’s easy to infer that getting a little college under one\’s belt will help, but that may not be true.

  • College majors matter for future paychecks

    Economists have long-known there\’s a link between
    educational level and earnings. Generally, higher levels of education produce
    greater earnings.

  • Helicopter parents reach college; expert offers tips

    Helicopter parenting is more of an issue than ever on college campuses. An expert offers tips on how to back off before kids are off on their own.

  • Data: University of Maryland among nation’s most caffeinated schools

    Area colleges are back in session, which means many students are
    gulping down coffee and cramming for tests. New data show one local school
    is among the top in the nation with the caffeine jitters.

  • What are the best ways to save for college?

    The cost for four years of college in 18 years could reach nearly $800,000. Tips and advice on when to start saving and how to go about paying for college.

  • College students, interns drive D.C.’s food culture

    It\’s not just residents driving the food scene in the nation\’s capital. College students who attend local schools, or those who flock to D.C. for the summer, are one of the fastest-growing arms of the area\’s food movement.

  • 9 public college presidents’ pay tops $1 million

    BALTIMORE (AP) — The number of public college presidents earning over $1 million more than doubled in the 2012-2013 fiscal year from the year before, according to a new survey. The Chronicle of Higher Education…

  • U-Md., U.Va. rank among ‘most desirable’ schools

    Tens of thousands of prospective college students want to be Terps
    or Cavaliers – and it turns out the University of Maryland and the University of
    Virginia are among the most desirable schools in the country, according to a
    college finder website.

  • University of Virginia tops best-investment list

    High school seniors are opening their acceptance letters and finding out whether they\’ve been accepted into their dream colleges. But before they commit, they should consider which ones are the best deals. And that might just be a university in the area.