• Dogs take medication to help with separation anxiety

    Nearly three million dogs in the United States are on anti-anxiety medication, according to a national pet owners survey from the American Pet Products Association.

  • Stress, anxiety plaguing more young kids

    These days, kids are more stressed than ever before. What’s causing this surge in anxiety? And what can parents do to help their little ones? An expert explains.

  • Anxiety is inherited, study shows

    WASHINGTON — Children inherit the brain function that underlies anxiety and depression, according to new research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The research, on rhesus monkeys, showed young monkeys, like humans, have what is called…

  • Workers, bosses divided over time off for mental health

    WASHINGTON — Stress, anxiety or depression: None of these may be a good reason for missing a day’s work without ticking off the boss. Mental health treatment providers are concerned that nearly 70 percent of…

  • Don’t worry: Smartphone app reduces anxiety

    Playing a smartphone game for 25 minutes can greatly reduce a person\’s anxiety, according to research published in a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

  • Researchers: Wash your hands of stress, because it’s contagious

    Not only is stress a contagious natural defense mechanism — researchers say it can present long-term health risks.

  • Helping kids deal with shutdown stress

    Just like their parents, kids are feeling the effects of the government shutdown.

  • Dr. Pawz: Keep your pet home for the 4th of July

    If you\’re planning on bringing your pup to Fourth of July festivities, think twice about events with fireworks. Local veterinarian Katy Nelson says exposing pets to frightening fireworks displays isn\’t fair to Fido.