Giant to offer Alexandria woman’s organic children’s foods

Heather Stouffer, an Alexandria mother of two, says the one thing she won\'t do with food for her children is cut corners. (WTOP/Amy Hunter/File)

WASHINGTON — If you shop at Giant, you’ll soon see a new organic food option for children in the frozen food aisle.

Seven items made by Mom Made Meals, an Alexandria, Virginia-based company, will be on the shelves at Giant.

The chain, according to a news release will carry the following products from Mom Made Meals:

  • Italian Style Beef Meatball Bites;
  • Turkey Meatball Bites;
  • Chicken & Apple Meatball Bites;
  • Cheesy Mac Meal;
  • Spaghetti with Turkey Meatball Meal;
  • Bean Burrito Munchie and Cheese Pizza Munchie.

A number of products made by Heather Stouffer’s company are already on the shelves at Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and MOM’s Organic Market.

Stouffer, of Alexandria, started the business that specializes in healthy frozen foods for kids while working full-time in the tech industry and realizing how difficult it was for families to find easy, quick and nutritous meals.

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