‘Battle of the Beltways': Nationals, Orioles in a close race for best ballpark food

The "Battle of the Beltways" continues Tuesday night between the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles and there's another battle brewing between these neighboring teams.

WASHINGTON — The “Battle of the Beltways” continues Tuesday night between the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles and there’s another battle brewing between these neighboring teams.

It’s a food fight among fans over which ballpark has the best food and beer options.

Nationals fans at Nationals Park Monday night had plenty to brag about.

“I like the Ben’s Chili Bowl downstairs. That’s my favorite,” said Morgan Munizza. Other fans raved about Shake Shack, Bullpen Burritos and Kosher Grill at Nationals Park.

“Before first pitch there are $6 beers, which is pretty awesome. So a lot of people come early,” added Nats fan Stephanie Ratigan.

That offer is available at the Nationals Park Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk.

Both ballparks offer numerous beer and craft beer options, but several fans say that when you’re in Baltimore, one brew is a must-do.

“Obviously at Camden Yards, you’ve got to do a Natty Boh,” said Nats fan Scott Sisk.

When we asked O’s fans to tell us what’s great at their ballpark, we kept hearing the same answers.

“Oriole Park has a lot of great offerings, like Boog’s BBQ, which is a pit beef place; it’s excellent. They also have really good crab cakes. Usually, I won’t eat crab cakes unless I make them at home, but they’re one of the few places I’ll go out and try them,” said Pete Thompson.

“Baltimore has Boog’s BBQ; they have … crab on a hot dog; their Esskay hot dogs are so much better than the Nat dogs. So much better. They’re thicker and they taste better,” said Jennifer Edwards, a D.C. resident who lives about a mile from Nationals Park but is an O’s season-ticket holder.

Most Orioles fans we talked to didn’t know that Nationals Park also has crabby food offerings.

Nancy Gallagher was one of them. We talked to her as she waited in line at the Chesapeake Crab Cake Company, where you can buy crab cake sandwiches, crab shack chips and even a crab grilled cheese.

“Thank goodness our seats are right below, so then we found that out,” she said.

After Tuesday’s game, the two teams play at Baltimore’s Camden Yards Wednesday and Thursday nights, so fans will have a chance to compare.

Read the Nationals Park food guide for 2014 on WTOP.com. The Oriole Park Amenities Map, which lists the food and drink options, is on the Orioles website.

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