Baseball team has ‘Office Space’-themed printer smashing (Video)

WASHINGTON — To some it might have seemed barbaric or immature, to others, possibly cathartic and fun, but the bottom line was computer printers were the victims at the “Office Space Night.”

The Madison Mallards collegiate summer baseball team hosted a printer-smashing “Office Space” night at the ball field in Madison, Wisconsin, on June 13.

The event was based on a classic scene from the movie “Office Space.”

One of the film’s stars, Richard Riehle, who played Tom Smykowski in the movie, was in attendance for the game and participated in the smashing.

Not all observers were amused. A commenter on the YouTube posting griped, “It’s so wonderful seeing how far we, as a species, have evolved. Good thing you didn’t turn these printers over to someone that might find them useful, such as a non-profit organization.”

Watch the video and the office equipment carnage:

h/t: Bleacher Report

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