Va. congressman wants all cosmetic animal testing banned

Nail polish and other cosmetics are subject to the proposed nam by Virginia congressman Jim Moran. (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — Mascara, shampoo and nail polish are just a few of the cosmetics that have to meet pretty stiff safety standards in the U.S.

Animal testing is not required as long as manufacturers can prove their products will do no harm.

Many manufacturers have switched to alternative testing methods, but not all. And that has resulted in an all-out campaign by groups such as the Humane Society for a ban on cosmetic testing using rabbits, lab rats and other animals.

Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., is leading the drive in Congress to make a ban the law of the land.

If it happens, the United States would follow the lead of the European Union, which banned cosmetics with animal-tested ingredients in 2013.

Also, India imposed a ban in 2013, becoming the first Asian country to do so. South Korea is considering a similar move, and even China has begun to change its rules for animal testing.

China currently mandates animal testing for all cosmetics. But in June, the rules will ease for certain products manufactured in China.

The regulations will stay the same for imported cosmetics, at least for the time being. Several well-known brands, including The Body Shop and Urban Decay, have refused to sell their wares in China due to the mandatory animal testing.

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