Snow day shuffle confusing parents

WASHINGTON – You’ve had to scramble to deal with winter weather changes to your own schedule, including juggling day care when schools close.

Now with some schools using as many as seven snow days already, public school calendars are getting shifted around, and every school system has a slightly different solution.

Montgomery County has used five days of the four built into the school calendar. If the school system can obtain a waiver from the state, which requires the number of hours each school system must provide each year, then the school system won’t have to create a make up day. If not, then students could find themselves in school for an extra day in June.

In Fairfax County, the school system has used six snow days. Instead of tacking on time at the end of the year, students will report to class on President’s Day, Feb. 17. Kids will also have class on April 7, previously set aside as a day off.

For information on how your child will be affected, check with your school system and stay to date.



WTOP’s Kate Ryan contributed to this report. Follow @WTOP on Twitter and the WTOP Facebook page.

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