For cheapest flight, travel on these dates

June is a good time to vacation in the Caribbean, if you don\'t mind the potential of a hurricane. (Thinkstock Photo)

WASHINGTON – For anyone planning a trip this year and looking for the cheapest flight possible, WTOP has some important dates.

Rick Seaney of has looked ahead in 2014 and nailed down the dates when airlines change their fares.

For those who want to warm-up in the Caribbean this spring, Seaney says to fly on April 24 or later.

Round-trip ticket prices to the Caribbean are about $1,000 in late March, but fall to the low $300s by April 24.

Anyone who prefers to hop on a coast-to-coast U.S. flight, the deadline date should be June 7.

Through that day, Seaney says travelers can fly from New York to L.A. from the low $300s, but starting June 8, the price goes up as much as 15 percent.

If it’s a trip to Europe fliers are dreaming of, fly before May 16 or wait until after Aug. 23 to save the most.

Seaney says New York to London flights cost about $1,100 round trip on May 16, and the price goes up to $1,500 if you fly just one week later.

As for the winter holidays at the end of the year, Seaney says flights on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are cheapest.

For more information, visit Fare Compare.

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