Shoppers support their communities on Small Business Saturday

Shoppers support their community by taking part in Small Business Saturday in Occoquan. (WTOP/Kathy Stewart)

WASHINGTON — First there was Black Friday, and then Cyber Monday. But sandwiched between is a newer shopping phenomenon that’s catching on: Small Business Saturday.

This is the fourth year for “Shop Small,” a nationwide push to get more shoppers to buy local from small business owners. The more shoppers buy from local merchants, the more money gets pumped into that local community.

Rachel Robins, from Connecticut, was shopping in Historic Occoquan on Saturday, an area known for its quaint shops, boutiques restaurants and art galleries. Robins was carrying a “Shop Small” bag.

“It’s important to go out and support local business cause without them we have no community,” she says.

LaVerne Carson is co-owner of the “Golden Goose,” a specialty shop in Occoquan featuring Christmas ornaments and other Christmas items. She’s owned the store for 37 years along with Pat Bowen. “It’s nice, it kind of gives recognition to small businesses,” Carson says. “I think it’s important that we give service that you don’t get in the big box stores.”

Donna Williams, from Woodbridge, was shopping in Occoquan Saturday with a friend, Carl Wescott, “Yes, we went out this morning helping the Small Business Saturday. It helps strengthen the community so we’re glad to do it,” she says. She’s been shopping here on Small Business Saturday for a few years.

Apparently, it’s catching on, according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses. In 2012, Americans spent $5.5 million shopping small on Small Business Saturday.

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