‘Backtracking’ on Dulles Access Road will cost you

WASHINGTON — Have you heard of the term “backtracking” when it comes to the Dulles Access Highway? If not, you are not alone. That’s why police are working to get the message out about “backtracking” and its consequences.

Those who use the Dulles Access Highway instead of the Dulles Toll Road — even if they’re not going to the airport — be warned. There is beefed up police presence on the road.

“We put out a press release and put it on social media to make the public aware,” says Stephen Holl, police chief for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. “Backtracking is our one word label for people who are using the Dulles Airport Access Highway without conducting official business at the airport.”

Holl says the access road was set up for airport users only, while the toll road was built for local traffic.

Drivers who are caught using the access road despite not heading to the airport will face fines that begin at $92 and three points on their license.

“We generally write out about a thousand of these violations a year,” Holl says.

The fines go to the county in which the ticket was written — Fairfax or Loudoun. Meanwhile, the tolls help fund construction of the Metro Silver Line as well as the operation and maintenance of the toll road and the access road.

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