Foodie Dice: It’s time to take a gamble on dinner

WASHINGTON – Do you know what you’re cooking for dinner tonight? Why not roll the dice on the menu?

That’s what Liz and Sarah Downey suggest. The two Santa Rosa, Calif., sisters bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “play with your food” with Foodie Dice, a product designed to shake up your normal cooking routine.

Foodie Dice is exactly as it sounds: a set of nine dice, laser engraved with different foods in the categories of meats, grains/carbohydrates, herbs, seasonal vegetables, bonus ingredients and cooking methods.

“We were cooking a lot, but cooking the same things over and over,” says Liz Downey, who explains that she and her sister, Sarah, came up with the idea for Foodie Dice about a year ago.

“Sarah said,