Tommy Joe’s To Let Guest Bartenders Raise Money For Charity

Tommy Joe'sA popular Bethesda bar will let locals or people from local companies see how good they are at tending bar to raise money for charity

Tommy Joe’s (4714 Montgomery Lane) will start a 10-week Charity Guest bartending contest on Thursday and you don’t need any experience serving drinks to take part.

The contest will take place on a pre-determined Thursday for each company. The idea is to get as many people into the bar for a three-hour block of time as possible, in order to raise the most money.

Management and the contestants will hash out drink specials, though more specials mean lower sales numbers. Contestants (all guest bartenders must be 21 or older) will get a quick training session before their time begins.

Each week, Tommy Joe’s will write a check for a charity of the contestant’s choice. Each donation will be a minimum of 10 percent of sales from the three-hour block of time. But if a contestant can get more between 101 and 150 people to come to the bar during the contest, that donation will increase to 15 percent of the sales. If there are 151 people are more at the bar, the donation will be 20 percent of sales.

Guest bartenders will get a gift certificate for five percent of their sales for any sales over $1,000. The guest bartender that produces the highest sales number will win a $200 gift certificate.

For more information, or to register yourself or your company, contact Kate Rickman at Tommy Joe’s at 301-654-3801.

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