13 eateries offer deals for Bethesda Row Restaurant Week

BETHESDA, Md. – If you’re hungry for a whole bunch of food at a nice price, Bethesda Row Restaurant Week is underway with 13 eateries taking part.

Some participating restaurants are offering three-course lunches for $15. Some have three-course dinners for $30. And some, like Redwood, are cooking up both.

“We’re a farm to table kind of restaurant. We focus on local ingredients,” says Redwood’s Bar Manager Nate Mann.

His favorite item on the Restaurant Week Lunch menu is Asian.

“The pork banh mi sandwich. It’s exquisite. It’s really fresh while being hearty and kind of healthy at the same time.”

For a dinner entree, you can choose a fried chicken dinner, mussels and fries or a third main dish.

“The vegetarian option is our Parisian Gnocchi. We just took the house-made bacon out of it for this week,” says Mann.

Also on the dinner menu, a starter called “Moonshine Eggs.”

“It’s sausage-wrapped, hard-boiled eggs and they’re deep fried,” says Mann.

Restaurant Week comes at a great time for Redwood, because they have new food and drink menus to check out.

“We just rolled out our new seasonal cocktails (and) a really nice drink for the patio. It’s called the Chartreusian 75.”

It’s made with Plymouth Gin, yellow chartreuse liqueur, lemon, simple syrup, lavender bitters, prosecco and a lemon twist.

Bethesda Row Restaurant Week continues through Sunday and, at Redwood, reservations are recommended. More details about Redwood can be found on its Facebook page.