12-year-old belts out ‘Longview’ with Green Day at Patriot Center, sings at WTOP (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – He may have only been about 2 years old when the song came out, but 12-year-old Davis Gestiehr stole the show at the Patriot Center when Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong invited him on stage to sing “Longview.”

The kid knew every lyric when he got the opportunity to sing the third verse onstage. The Bethesdsa Patch reports Armstrong was so impressed, he gave him a guitar at the end of the performance.

On Friday, Davis and his family stopped by The Glass Enclosed Nerve Center to talk to WTOP’s morning anchors Mike Moss and Bruce Alan.

Davis stops by to talk to WTOP’s Mike Moss and Bruce Alan


Friday, April 12

“I wasn’t really thinking about it, I was just going with the flow because when you’re up there on stage you don’t really think about it,” says Davis, who tells WTOP he’s been playing at bars, restaurants and fundraisers around Bethesda for a while now.

Davis says he was in shock when Armstrong gave him the guitar on stage.

“I’ve seen him give guitars to other people. I think I went three or four years ago and this guy came up and he was really good at guitar. He stayed for like two songs up there and finally they have him a guitar. So when I saw the guitar I was like, ‘That’s cool. That’s pretty cool.'”

Watch Davis and his sister Madison perform a Green Day song at WTOP.

Davis and Madison sing Green Day’s ‘Time of Your Life’


WTOP’s Kristi King

Davis and Madison sing their original song ‘Forever and Always’


WTOP’s Kristi King

Watch the clip below of Davis singing on stage with Green Day. (Warning: Some may find language in the video offensive)

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