Party Pig and Brew Glue among products peddled to craft beer brewers

The Craft Brewers Conference is being held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. (Courtesy of Craft Brewers Conference/Jason E. Kaplan)

Brennan Haselton,

WASHINGTON – It’s no secret many people like drinking craft beer, but the nation’s small brewers can’t deliver the nectar of the gods to your glass all by themselves.

That is evident inside the exhibition hall during this week’s Craft Brewers Conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown D.C.

On display are beer ingredients, dispensers and many other products, such as Quadrel Labeling Systems bottle label machine.

“Somebody who bottles by hand would use more of a semiautomatic tabletop system,” says Quadrel’s Tom Kokos, as bottles clink and rattle on his company’s machine. “That [maxes] out probably around 10 to 15 bottles a minute whereas this can do 60 to 100 bottles.”

Perhaps taking the prize – if there is one – for best product name?

The Party Pig. Quoin International’s Mike Gerstenkorn chuckles when asked what the brown, 2.25 gallon, self-pressurized, and yes, pig-like, beer container and dispenser is called. He says it works particularly well for home brewers.

And then there’s a product called Brew Glue, which makes sure that box of precious bottled cargo doesn’t come apart as you haul it home.

Watch a video of the Craft Brewers Conference by WTOP’s Brennan Haselton:

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