Council Committee To Discuss Voting Issues

A County Council Committee this afternoon will discuss absentee ballots that were sent with missing pages, incorrectly translated voter guides and long lines at polling places in a briefing on last fall’s General Election.

Members of the Government Operations and Fiscal Policy Committee expect to hear from State Board of Elections administrator Linda Lamone, deputy administrator Ross Goldstein, County Board of Elections President Mary Ann Keeffe and election director Margaret Jurgensen at 2 p.m. in Rockville.

Few voters in Bethesda complained of long waits at polling places. But Ken Timmerman, the Kensington Republican who took on and lost to incumbent Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D), questioned the accuracy of poll results in a November Public Information Act request of the County Board of Elections.

He claimed there were precincts in the district without a single Republican vote and argued the state must enforce a 2007 law that established the replacement of touch-screen machines with optical scanner voting machines.

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