Beaver, alligator, snakehead: Rocklands debuts wild menu

A Rocklands Barbeque promotion called "Grills Gone Wild" is taking customers by surprise. Alongside the pulled pork and rack of ribs, hungry diners can order beaver sausage, alligator stew or snakehead tacos.

Megan Cloherty,

WASHINGTON – There’s some extra bite on the Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company menu in Glover Park, and it’s taking customers by surprise.

Alongside the pulled pork and rack of ribs, hungry diners also can order a beaver sausage sandwich — one of four wild items on the menu for this week only as part of the restaurant’s “Grills Gone Wild” promotion.

“It came from, as you can imagine, ‘Girls Gone Wild,'” says Rocklands owner John Snedden.

His wife had the idea for the wild menu that some are brave enough to try.

The dark beaver meat is locally sourced and served on a roll with sauerkraut and potato salad.

“We turned it into sausages. So it’s like a sweet Italian sausage,” Snedden says.

Also on the temporary menu: alligator Brunswick stew and wild Alaskan halibut served over caramelized onion rice with mango salsa.

The more controversial item on the menu is the last, blackened snakehead tacos.

Customer Tony Moreland hails from Southern Maryland, where he says he eats snakehead often. He’s not surprised to see it on a local menu.

“It’s a very pleasant-tasting fish. It tastes like a freshwater perch,” Moreland says.

While Moreland wasn’t up for trying the beaver sausage, customer Dara Darashan took the culinary leap.

“It’s good. It tastes like a spicy German sausage,” Darashan says.

This isn’t the first departure Rocklands has taken from the traditional barbecue menu.

“We did a promotion called ‘Dead Stuff Cooked Good’ and that was our roadkill promotion, where we did opossum, raccoon and venison. Stuff you’d see on the road,” Snedden says.

The current promotion runs through the weekend at all four Rocklands locations.

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