Bethesda Eyeglass Store Gives NIH Patient The Gift Of Sight

A patient at The Children’s Inn at NIH recently received an important gift thanks to charity One Sight and the Lenscrafters store in Montgomery Mall.

Winie, a 17-year-old patient from the Dominican Republic living in the Inn’s Woodmont House, was suffering from vision problems as a result of her medication, a common problem among patients according to media relations manager Meredith Daly.

After getting a prescription from her doctor at NIH, Winie on Monday received a donated pair of glasses through the One Sight program. Lenscrafters upgraded her pair above the cost of the voucher, Daly said.

The donation is more important considering Winie plans to return to school in the Dominican Republic on Friday after seven months at the Inn. Winie arrived in Bethesda with her mom.

“It’s a huge gift to her,” Daly said. “They had nothing. They came here with the clothes on their backs. For her to have been able to get this donation, it’s just something they couldn’t have done on their own.”

Photo from The Children’s Inn at NIH via Facebook

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