Seat Pleasant shooting victim was to testify in Feb. trial

WASHINGTON – A Prince George’s County man who was shot and killed Wednesday was set to testify in an upcoming double murder trial.

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said during a press conference Thursday that Nicoh Mayhew, 25, was offered protection ahead of the February trial but that he declined the offer.

Mayhew’s cousin, Brian Cuffie Mayhew, 19, and Kenan Arnon Seif Myers, 24, were accused in the May 2011 homicides of 28-year-old Anthony Stevens McKelvin and Sean O’Neal Ellis, 24, says Nancy Lineman, a spokeswoman for Alsobrooks.

McKelvin and Ellis were fatally shot as they sat in a silver Lexus in Capitol Heights, Lineman says.

In July 2011, Brian Mayhew and Seif Myers were both charged with two counts each of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery, kidnapping and handgun violations, among other charges, according to court records.

Both men were arrested in June 2011 and remain in custody, Lineman says.

Investigators have not established a connection between Nicoh Mayhew’s killing and his status as a witness in the murder trial. But investigators are looking into the possibility, Lineman says.

Lineman also says that if Mayhew’s shooting turns out to be related to his status as a witness, the person or persons responsible could face a longer sentence if convicted for his killing. An additional 20 years could be tacked on at sentencing.

In addition, the testimony that Mayhew could have offered as a witness in the February trial would still be admissible if his death is connected to his planned testimony, Lineman says.

Mayhew was shot just after 10 a.m. at a garden-style apartment building in Seat Pleasant. Two people were seen fleeing the area in a black BMW sedan with tinted windows and Maryland plates, police say.

Police say Nicoh Mayhew was specifically targeted in Wednesday’s midday shooting, which also injured a 2-year-old boy he was holding at the time. The boy’s injuries are not life-threatening.

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