Facebook offers users tutorial on privacy

Becoming Facebook-friendly and acquainted with other social media sites can help some job seekers. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

WASHINGTON – Facebook is offering users a tutorial on privacy rights as the site has fallen under recent criticism over what information is public and what is private.

One of the recent changes includes listing a user’s recent searches in their newsfeed.

The social media giant wants to make users feel comfortable with what they are sharing and who they’re sharing it with. So, new users will get what the company is calling an “education” about specific privacy topics.

On the site, it says Facebook is “committed to making sure that you understand how sharing works on our site.”

The option includes tutorials on default settings, timelines, access to data, and how ads work on the site.

New users are also directed to choose who can see their high school, college and employer.

Even though though the move is aimed at those just signing up, all of Facebook’s 1 billion users can access the new information.

News came out last month that the Irish government was performing an audit of Facebook’s privacy practices.

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