Battleground Virginia inundated this campaign season

Marlena Chertock, special to

WASHINGTON – Virginia has been getting a lot of attention from President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney this election season. The commonwealth is seen as one of the big tossup states, along with Florida and Ohio.

The candidates, their spouses and their running mates have made more than 90 appearances in Virginia this year, the Washington Post reports.

And just since Friday there have been nearly a dozen campaign appearances in Virginia.

All of the attention is exciting for some Virginians who feel closer to the campaign. But others don’t like the headaches that come with intense campaigning. Like long traffic jams and relentless television and radio ads, the Post reports.

This year the candidates have spent nearly $131 million on television advertising in Virginia, the Post says.

This election season has seen a record number of ads. In the first three weeks of October more than 7,700 ads aired in the D.C. television market. Compared to seven in early October in 2004.

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