App keeps drivers from texting

WASHINGTON – Texting while driving is prevalent and few would argue that it’s dangerous and even deadly. Now, a mobile phone app might be putting some at ease.

It’s called Textbuster, and may be just the thing parents and employers have been looking for.

With a small module hidden under the dash and a downloadable phone app, Consumer Reports says TextBuster sends a blocking signal to the driver’s phone.

No sending and recieving texts, no email and no Internet access.

TextBuster does allow incoming and outgoing calls, and it doesn’t prevent others in the vehicle from full use of their devices. Currently available for Android devices, it will set users back between $180 and $200.

Blackberry and Windows versions are coming soon and an iPhone app is in the works.

Get more information and download TextBuster here.

WTOP’s Brennan Haselton contributed to this report.

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