Checking the Mercury has new meaning with solar system teaching tool

Not happy with your weight here on Earth? Try a visit to Venus.

Catalogue company Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a solar system scale designed to help children learn about the planets and the varying effects of gravity.

Step on the scale to see your Earthly weight and then step on the other planets and the battery-powered mat will reveal your fluctuating weight as you work your way around the solar system.

For example, you may be considered portly here on Earth but on Venus you might feel scrawny. But if you step on Jupiter, you’ll gain enough weight to wrestle farm animals.

The mat is voiced by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and shares 40 facts about the solar system and its planets, according to the catalogue entry.

The educational aid will share tidbits about Jupiter’s gassy atmosphere and the dramatic temperatures changes on Mercury.

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