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Teens demonstrating savings knowledge can win money

Many teens learn the value of a dollar as they age, but a video contest challenges young adults to demonstrate their financial savvy for a cash prize.

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 09:30am EST

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Do prepaid 529 plans ever make sense?

Prepaid plan can be advantageous in some situations, but the stars have to align.

Wednesday - 09/10/2014, 11:15am EDT

Tags: 529 savings plans, saving for college, colleges,

529 plans: Should you choose static or age-based?

Are you a seasoned investor? You may be more likely to choose a static plan.

Wednesday - 09/10/2014, 11:15am EDT

Tags: saving for college, colleges, 529 savings plans

6 essential questions to ask before choosing a 529 plan

Direct-sold or advisor-sold? Prepaid or college savings plan? Get answers to these questions before you invest.

Wednesday - 09/10/2014, 11:15am EDT

Tags: saving for college, 529 savings plans, colleges

Guide to understanding 529 college savings plans

Here is everything you need to know to pick the 529 plan that's best for you.

Wednesday - 09/10/2014, 11:15am EDT

Tags: 529 savings plans, colleges, saving for college

Set for retirement? More than a third have saved nothing

A new survey finds 36 percent of working-age Americans have not saved anything for retirement, and 14 percent of those at retirement age 65 or older have no retirement savings.

Monday - 08/18/2014, 11:19am EDT

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e-Christmas Club? SunTrust opens new online savings platform

Atlanta-based SunTrust Bank is offering a new savings platform that allows customers to open multiple savings "buckets" tied to their required checking accounts. It stuck me as modern makeover of my mom's old Christmas Club accounts.

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 05:51pm EDT

Tags: saving money, banking, Suntrust Bank

Younger, poorer people less likely to use bank branches

If you haven't been to a bank or credit union branch recently, you are not alone.

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 08:59am EDT

Tags: banks, Colleen Kelleher, banking

Putting a price tag on bad habits

How much do your bad habits cost you?

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 09:36am EDT

Tags: Bankrate, WTOP Saves You Money, smoking, procrastination, Mike Murillo


Smart ways to save money for retirement

Parents may want to pay for their child's education, but they also need enough money in the bank to survive in retirement. Financial expert Carmen Wong Ulrich offers some money saving advice.

Saturday - 03/30/2013, 01:45pm EDT

Tags: retirement, college tuition, WTOP Saves You Money, Finances, Randi Martin

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