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The costs of lying on your resume

It's best to be honest about your accomplishments.

Sunday - 08/17/2014, 03:47am EDT

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Ask for a pay raise and you just might get one

Most American workers want higher salaries, but they don't ask.

Friday - 07/25/2014, 05:23am EDT

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Survey: 10 biggest productivity killers at work

A CareerBuilder study released Thursday shows cellphones are the biggest productivity killer in the workplace. Half of the respondents in the survey said cellphone use and texting are the primary productivity stopper in the workplace.

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 12:09pm EDT

Tags: productivity, Careerbuilder, Sarah Beth Hensley

10 biggest job interview flubs

Human resources professionals share the most unbelievable and unusual stories from conducting interviews.

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 05:43am EDT

Tags: Careerbuilder, interviewing, blunders, hiring, human resources

Strange boss requests: Will you clip my dog's nails? Buy me a rifle?

A CareerBuilder survey of 3,690 full-time, non- government workers finds that in some cases employers have asked their hires to do some pretty unbelievable things.

Monday - 04/22/2013, 04:56am EDT

Tags: del walters, bosses, work, Careerbuilder

New Year's resolutions to rid bad habits at work

As thousands head back to work after the New Year, there are some suggested resolutions to consider at the office while you're clearing out all those emails.

Wednesday - 01/02/2013, 01:06pm EST

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When it comes to road rage, who is worse: Men or women?

Women take their silent rage on the road.

Tuesday - 08/28/2012, 06:00am EDT

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Some still hiring despite faltering economy

More job openings were advertised in March (3.74 million) then there have been since July 2008.

Friday - 06/01/2012, 01:00pm EDT

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It's February? Temps near 70

With temperatures expected to rise to nearly 70 degrees, how will you spend the day? Share your plans. Use #WTOPTalkback.

Thursday - 02/23/2012, 09:45am EST

Tags: John Aaron, Careerbuilder, jobs, warm weather, calling in sick, Colleen Kelleher

Economists: Job market looks bright in 2012

Biomedical engineers and computer software engineers are expected to be in demand in 2012. Some of the other top nine professions might surprise you.

Tuesday - 01/03/2012, 05:41am EST

Tags: job market, 2012 graduates, professions, economy, University of Michigan, Careerbuilder, jobs, retail, engineering