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Teen turns to YouTube to ask Kate Upton to prom (VIDEO)

Wednesday - 3/20/2013, 9:21am  ET

WASHINGTON - One high school student is aiming pretty high in his quest for a prom date.

Seventeen-year-old Jake Davidson invited model Kate Upton -- she of Sports Illustrated swimsuit fame -- to accompany him to prom in a clever YouTube video:

Jake also engaged in a fairly aggressive social media campaign to get his message across, asking multiple people to share his invite to Upton. There's also a Facebook page to assist Jake in his efforts.

So how did Upton respond? So far, it's a pretty solid "maybe."
That "maybe" got even more solid when Jake appeared on the Today show Wednesday morning. After making his pitch on the air, Upton surprised Jake and joined the show by phone.

"If everything worked out I'd love to go with you, I know we'd have a blast," she said.

Jake also was asked the always-important question related to an approaching prom: Would he opt for the wrist or pin corsage? See his answer in the video.

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So it looks like Jake may land that dream date after all. But he isn't the first suitor to seek a famous friend via YouTube: Just ask Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

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