QUIZ: Can you match up these Terry McLaurin quotes with the QBs they’re about?

QUIZ: Can you match McLaurin's quotes with the QBs they're about? originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

If you’re an NFL quarterback and you’re looking for someone to say something kind about you, Terry McLaurin will deliver.

During his time in Washington, McLaurin has run routes for nine different passers, and despite the fact that he’s had to do his job with so much change at that position, one thing hasn’t changed: His ability to compliment whichever signal-caller he’s been paired up with.

So, before McLaurin has to adjust to yet another thrower of the football this Sunday — albeit one that he’s actually quite familiar with because he’s worked with the signal-caller in previous stretches — it’s time to take a quiz.

The title of the quiz — do quizzes have titles? No? Too bad — is Whom did Terry McLaurin say that about? 

It’s rather simple.

Below, you’ll find eight quotes from McLaurin that he’s offered up about various Washington quarterbacks. All you have to do is identify which guy McLaurin is talking about.

The answer key is at the bottom of the story, while the prize for the reader who gets the most right is nowhere to be found.

Quick, take the quiz before someone else claims the Commanders’ starting job!

Whom did Terry McLaurin say that about?

Quote 1

“[Redacted] is great. The first thing that struck me about him is just that he has a [really] cool, calm demeanor about him… When he’s in the huddle, it’s just really collected.”

Quote 2

“[Redacted] makes it really simple for me as a veteran seeing all the situations that he’s seen. Just adjusting as a receiver to make his job easier is the biggest thing that I’m trying to focus on. But I know what he’s looking for and I know where he’s looking to put the ball so that helps me a lot in the way I run my routes.”

Quote 3

“I’ll take [redacted] on my team any day of the week, twice on Sundays. That dude plays with no fear. He does everything you could ask of a QB in this league.”

Quote 4

“Having a veteran like [redacted] I feel like has really helped a lot of us because he’s allowed a lot more guys to get involved… He has that veteran approach, so you feel like good or bad, we’re still going to be OK.”

Quote 5

“He gives us a chance to really play some backyard football, which is personally what I like. Everything is not quite going to be as clean as you want it to be, but if you have a quarterback who is problem-solving and a receiver that is problem-solving, you can make the play work.”

Quote 6

“[Redacted] gives energy to the whole offense. The confidence that we have in him is — it can’t be measured. The way he comes in each and every week, he’s talking to us on our pregame, first 15 plays. On Saturdays, just giving us pep talks, seeing what he’s seeing. He’s very vocal with the receivers so we know what page he’s trying to be on and I can’t state enough how much he knows this offense and gives comfortability for everyone.”

Quote 7

“You just see the way he carries himself in the building. Like I said, he’s a great pro, he takes care of his body, and he’s always prepared for his moment… You want to play with a guy like that, because you know he’s gonna put himself on the line to make sure we put ourselves in the best position to be successful.”

Quote 8

“A lot of the things he brings to the table, you can’t quite quantify. His ability to just not quit — he comes into every game with confidence that he can help us win and he’s going to try to make any play possible to help us do that.”

Answer key

Quote 1: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Quote 2: Case Keenum

Quote 3: Taylor Heinicke

Quote 4: Alex Smith

Quote 5: Carson Wentz

Quote 6: Kyle Allen

Quote 7: Also Taylor Heinicke

Quote 8: Also Taylor Heinicke

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