‘Game of Thrones:’ Who should live and die in Season 6?

Cersei Lannister Why she should live: Without Joffrey, we’re running out of Lannisters to hate. Someone has to carry that mantle. Why she should die: Her heart is black and now that she has a giant Frankenstein-type “Mountain” at her beck and call we have a recipe for ultra-violence and no living Stark is safe.
Brienne of Tarth Why she should live: She’s so badass and noble at the same time. If we had more with her character in the seven kingdoms… well, then we wouldn’t have seven books. Why she should die: Nobody with her moral character can survive playing the “great game.”
Theon Greyjoy Why he should live: This one’s tough, but since he aided Sansa in her escape, it’s possible, but unlikely, that he has a shred of a hope for redemption. Why he should die: We thought he’d off himself after he lost his “favorite toy.” It’s hard to work up an ounce of sympathy for this one-time sympathetic character after all the death, destruction and betrayal he’s left in his wake. (Dowd, Keara)
Arya Stark Why she should live: Who has been braver? A true example of what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. She deserves another season, if only to see how she completes her list while blind. Why she should die: She made a deal with the devil and that never ends well. (Faceless Men)
Daenerys Targaryen Why she should live: She appears to be the Fire to we’re-not-sure-who’s Ice and this is a Song of Fire and Ice. Plus her dragons need some guidance or the seven kingdoms will be charred beyond recognition. Why she should die: She shouldn’t. We don’t want to live in a world without the Mother of Dragons.
Peter Dinklage; Game of Thrones
Tyrion Lannister Why he should live: He is the most sympathetic character in the series. Since Eddard’s beheading, he is the one character we’ve been secretly daring the writers to kill. It would be like killing Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. Why he should die: His lifestyle alone. Either his liver will wave a white flag or he’ll soon need penicillin for his STDs. (unavailable in Westeros)
Jon Snow Why he should live: Because despite all of Ygritte’s thoughts to the contrary, we think he does know something and we want to know what it is. Wake up Jon!! Why he should die: Moot point. Isn’t it??
Ramsay “Snow” Bolton Why he should live: We’re not sure we can make a case for this guy. What a scum bucket! Pure evil. Every story needs its antagonist(s), but this guy goes way too far. Why he should die: His only redeeming quality is that he exhales carbon dioxide which is used by trees to create oxygen for the planet.
Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish Why he should live: Just so we can see his next move. He is almost always two steps ahead of everyone in the “great game.” We want to see what his next trick will be. Why he should die: Up until the whole Sansa deal with the Boltons it could be said he was a romantic deep down inside, but after trading Catelyn’s daughter to the sadistic Ramsay, he needs to get his comeuppance.
Melisandre Why she should live: She does wonders for the male demographic and helps truly make it a series that can only be shown on cable. Why she should die: She’s a witch! Burn her! (Dowd, Keara)
Jaime Lannister Why he should live: He’s the only hope for any reasonable, rational thought amongst the Lannisters. What he lost in digits he’s gained in heart. Why he should die: Despite all his training, he’s still a one-armed guy. Unless he gets one of those sword-things attached to his lame arm (like that great white Orc in The Hobbit), he’s doomed to die in a world full of two-handed fighters. (Dowd, Keara)
Peter Dinklage; Game of Thrones

WASHINGTON — Season 6 of HBO’s hit drama “Game of Thrones” kicks off Sunday at 9 p.m.

Each season thus far has featured deaths of major characters, many of which were unexpected and tore at the heart strings of fans.

Inevitably, more major characters will be offed this season.

WTOP examines reasons for and against killing off 11 of the show’s remaining main characters.

We also want to know your thoughts. If you had your choice, which of the following characters would take an “unfortunate” tumble off the edge of the Red Keep?

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