US Figure Skating Championships Results

By The Associated Press
At Orleans Arena
Las Vegas
Junior Pairs
Short Program

1. Anastasiia Smirnova, Yarmouth Ice Club, and Danil Siianytsia, All Year FSC, 59.07.

2. Isabelle Martins, Chicago FSC, and Ryan Bedard, Northern Ice SC, 52.14.

3. Sydney Cooke, Elite Edge SC, and Keyton Bearinger, Detroit SC, 48.61.

4. Valentina Plazas, Panthers FSC, and Maximiliano Fernandez, Arctic FSC, 47.04.

5. Catherine Rivers, Knoxville FSC, and Timmy Chapman, Central Florida FSC, 45.97.

6. Aleksandra Prudsky, SC of Houston, and Daniel Tioumentsev, Dallas FSC, 43.31.

7. Juliette Reed, Skokie Valley SC, and Jordan Gillette, Skokie Valley SC, 35.17.

8. Haley Conrad, Dallas FSC, and Kristofer Ogren, Kansas City FSC, 34.54.

Junior Ladies
Short Program

1. Isabeau Levito, SC Of Southern New Jersey, 65.66.

2. Kanon Smith, All Year FSC, 62.52.

3. Clare Seo, Broadmoor SC. 60.27.

4. Kate Wang, SC of San Francisco, 58.28.

5. Tamnhi Huynh, Dallas FSC, 57.94.

6. Adele Zheng, DuPage FSC, 55.83.

7. Elsa Cheng, Skokie Valley SC, 53.75.

8. Ava Ziegler, SC of New York, 53.73.

9. Abigail Ross, Wasatch FSC, 53.35.

10. Mia Kalin, St. Moritz ISC, 51.92.

11. Jessica Lin, Dallas FSC, 51.55.

12. Maryn Pierce, Broadmoor SC, 41.05.

Junior Ice Dance
Rhythm Dance

1. Katarina Wolfkostin and Jeffrey Chen, Peninsula SC, 68.81.

2. Oona Brown and Gage Brown, SC of New York, 66.20.

3. Katarina DelCamp, Dallas FSC, and Ian Somerville, Washington FSC, 60.26.

4. Isabella Flores, Broadmoor SC, and Dimitry Tsarevski, All Year FSC, 59.98.

5. Angela Ling, Peninsula SC, and Caleb Wein, Washington FSC, 56.27.

6. Leah Neset, Magic City FSC, and Artem Markelov, Magic City FSC, 50.76.

7. Elizabeth Tkachenko, Washington FSC, and Alexei Kiliakov, Washington FSC, 48.33.

8. Vanessa Pham, SC of Houston, and Jonathan Rogers, Texas Gulf Coast FSC, 44.58.

9. Elliana Peal and Ethan Peal, Scott Hamilton SC, 43.71.

10. Gracie Vainik, SC of Novi, and Daniel Brykalov, All Year FSC, 40.99.

Junior Mens
Short Program

1. Jacob Sanchez, Hudson Valley FSC, 66.91.

2. Maxim Zharkov, Dallas FSC, 66.51.

3. Eric Prober, Panthers FSC, 65.04.

4. Joseph Klein, Skokie Valley SC, 63.60.

5. Matthew Nielsen, Winterhurst FSC, 62.31.

6. Daniel Martynov, Great Lakes FSC, 62.06.

7. Robert Yampolsky, North Jersey FSC, 61.60.

8. Samuel Mindra, Portland ISC, 60.37.

9. Liam Kapeikis, Wenatchee FSC, 58.37.

10. Nicholas Hsieh, SC of Wilmington, 57.93.

11. Michael Xie, All Year FSC, 57.89.

12. Lucas Broussard, Highland SC, 55.06.

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