Reclaim your basement for virtual learning

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You pay for your whole home and you should get to use ALL of it. Your family shouldn’t have to crowd around the kitchen table or settle for kids lying in their beds to learn. Why not reclaim your territory and turn your basement into a safe, cozy space for your family to learn?

Whether that involves remodeling an unfinished basement or simply rearranging to create the space you desire, waterproofing your basement is a smart move to protect your space. Many homes in the Mid-Atlantic are vulnerable to foundation cracks and water seepage that can create an unsafe place to live.

You do not want to spend your hard-earned money on a home remodeling project only to have one afternoon thunderstorm take out your nice, cozy basement. And you don’t want to reimagine a space and encourage your kids to spend lots of time there if you haven’t done what you can to maintain a healthy environment.

Here are a few tips for turning your newly waterproofed basement into a cozy and productive learning space.

  1. Organize! Kids need structure and knowing where all of their supplies are when they need them makes them feel at ease. The more you can create a space that is clearly labeled and feels like a classroom environment, the easier kids can find what they need quickly, remove anxiety from their learning environment, and even better, make it easier to clean up at the end of the day.
  2. Be Creative! Bright colors and fun pictures make a space more productive for learning. Color impacts the brain in many ways, including anxiety, pulse, and blood flow. Keep the space clean, but inviting and full of creativity. Allowing your kids to participate in the planning is even better because it gives them some pride and ownership of the space.
  3. Spread out! Opening up more space gives you the freedom to have multiple children learning in different areas. If parents are working from home and kids are all learning from home, the house can fill up quickly. Find a few places that can serve as solid learning areas for everyone in the family. Switch off regularly so that everyone gets a new view to stimulate their brains.

As you navigate the realities of virtual learning and working from home, keep in mind that Value Dry has assembled a massive fleet of experts and equipment to fight against moisture, which can be a relentless threat to your home’s safety. You deserve the benefits of a home that defends itself against moisture and you deserve to use the entire home that you pay for.

Learn more about basement waterproofing in Value Dry’s ‘Basement Waterproofing Glossary’ at Happy learning!

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