2020 recruiting trends & salary guide for accounting and finance people

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Recruiting talent for accounting and finance positions has evolved significantly over the last few years. Stay ahead of the competition by applying the latest recruiting and salary trends to your company’s hiring efforts.

First, download Cordia Resources’ 2020 Salary Guide to verify your compensation aligns with the Washington, D.C. metropolitan market. Next, review four essential recruiting trends that will help attract the industry’s top professionals to your organization.

Trend #1:  Intense competition requires faster recruiting practices.

In this highly-competitive talent market, candidates won’t wait for companies that don’t move swiftly. If you’re losing candidates due to a long, drawn-out hiring process, consider a few ways to fast track your process without compromising quality:

  • Create detailed job descriptions that include specific skills and expectations to help attract the most qualified candidates.
  • Include a salary range in each job description. Candidates will often self-screen based on their salary expectations, saving you time. Not sure what compensation to offer? Download Cordia Resources’ 2020 Salary Guide now.
  • Integrate recruitment tools (proficiency tests, company culture analysis, etc.) into your existing processes to help pre-screen candidates faster.
  • Streamline the interview process. Instead of multiple, in-person interviews, schedule a video call to connect candidates with key decision makers to save time.
  • Connect with an experienced placement partner, like Cordia Resources, to assist with talent acquisition in the evolving accounting and finance environment.

Trend #2:  Workplace flexibility and perks are essential to employees.

Work-life balance has become a critical component of employment causing potential employees to evaluate a company on a holistic scale. Beyond salary, candidates consider:

  • Workplace flexibility. Companies that offer more flexible hours and telework options greatly appeal to candidates, especially millennials.
  • Company culture. Candidates seek out employers that match their personalities, personal values, and more.
  • Employee benefits. The tried-and-true benefits of healthcare, insurance, and retirement plans still matter to potential employees.
  • Other perks. Extras such as in-house childcare, free snacks, outdoor work spaces, and transportation subsidies are a few perks that attract top candidates.

Trend #3:  Job competencies and candidates’ skills are evolving.

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence have transformed accounting and finance operations, causing businesses to revise job competencies and desired skillsets. Employers need to look beyond traditional accounting skills to hire talent with digital skills, such as data analysis, and soft skills—such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Trend #4:  Attract top talent by offering competitive compensation.

Today’s accounting and finance professionals are in high demand. Candidates expect a competitive salary and often entertain multiple offers before accepting a position. To better understand this competitive marketplace, Cordia Resources released its 2020 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide, which can help your company align its compensation for a variety of accounting and finance positions.

Hiring the best talent will help your business remain competitive and grow. The salary guide offers access to compensation information collected from the industry benchmarking data and Cordia Resources’ accounting and finance placements made in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Coupled with the latest recruiting trends, your company will position itself to attract and retain the area’s top accounting & finance professionals.

If your company is looking to hire accounting, finance, HR, and other professionals for temporary or permanent positions, contact Cordia Resources today. For help with outsourced accounting and technology consulting services, contact Cordia Partners.

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