Prince George’s Co. health coach helps clients shed pandemic pounds

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Heavenly Bodies Live, LLC, is an integrated Wellness Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Many of us felt like the weight of the world was on our shoulders during the COVID-19 pandemic due to work, family, and financial worries. Now, you may be noticing some extra weight around your waistline.

Rosaline Law, a Prince George’s County health coach and owner of Heavenly Bodies Live, LLC, says, “A lot of people are coming out of this pandemic with an extra 10, 15 [or] 20 pounds.”

Law, a champion for women’s health for over a decade, says there are four things you need to do to reach your health and wellness goals and get rid of those pandemic pounds.

First, she suggests people eat a plant-based diet, “Because at that point, you’re eating to live, not living to eat.”

Second, Law insists you must exercise.

“My motto is ‘movement is medicine,'” Law said.

She readily touts the benefits of exercise which include increasing your metabolism which burns fat and gives you stamina and energy.

Law says, ” Find some type of movement that you can do, that you like, and do it often.” She found Zumba to be her activity of choice and has been teaching it for over 10 years.

Third, Law believes in the power of deep breathing. She says that “taking your deep breaths every day throughout the day, just sitting and breathing, that will destress you.”

Finally, cut off the electronic devices and “make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night, going into REM sleep.”

Rosaline Law is a Prince George’s County health coach and owner of Heavenly Bodies Live, LLC. (Courtesy Rosaline Law)

Law began her journey as an advocate for health and wellness after 30 years spent working as a respiratory therapist. She said she was discouraged after seeing so many patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

She decided to take a closer look at her diet to examine how it was impacting her own health and became a pescatarian — someone who eats vegetarian food but still includes seafood in their diet. She then trained to become a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition eleven years ago and, by 2015, trained to become an herbalist.

Law says she tells her clients that one of the keys to her success is positive affirmations. She makes uplifting comments to herself daily such as, “I am divinely guided and ready to do something new in 2022.” or “I will have a positive impact on the people I come in contact with today.”

You can find more information on Heavenly Bodies Live by visiting its website or calling 301-613-4689.

Stephanie Gaines-Bryant

Stephanie Gaines-Bryant is an Anchor and Reporter for WTOP. Over the past 20 years, Stephanie has worked in several markets, including Baltimore, Washington, Houston and Charleston, holding positions ranging from newscaster to morning show co-host.

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