Presidents, places, football players among 2014 top names in D.C., Md. and Va.

WASHINGTON–14 Angels were born in D.C. last year. The city welcomed a number of Kennedys and Reagans into the world as well.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s top baby names of 2014, D.C.’s 2014 babies have some trendy first names. Maryland and Virginia babies were given more traditional names, but there were some similarities between the three. You can search the SSA’s database here.


321 little Noahs were born in Maryland in 2014, which put it at the top of the list. After Noah came Liam, William, Mason and Michael. Newly popular names (not on the list in 2013) like Brody, Jaden, Kaiden and Karter may become more popular in 2015. Or, they may go out of style, like Steven, Bryan, Kyle and Patrick, all of which were left off 2014’s top 100 list. King as a first name, not a title, seems to be increasing in popularity. It didn’t make the list in 2013, but 70 baby Kings were born in 2014.

For girls, Olivia took the top spot with 347. Ava, Emma, Sophia and Abigail were the next most popular. Piper, Brielle, Violet and Josephine were new additions to the list, and Sophie, Rachel, Alice and Stella fell out of favor with Md. parents. 2013’s Ryleigh didn’t catch on, but 102 baby Rileys were born last year.


590 boys born in Virginia last year were named William, making it the top name of 2014. Liam, Mason, Noah and James were the next four most popular names. Kaiden, Colin, Theodore and Jaxson were new additions to the list. Jase, Cole, Brody and Silas didn’t crack the top 100 in 2014, but they were popular in 2013. Easton seems to be a popular name in Virginia. 102 Eastons were born in 2013, and another 113 in 2014. The name was not included in the top 100 for either year in Maryland and D.C.

Emma was the most popular girl’s name in Virginia at 538 babies. After Emma came Olivia, Ava, Sophie and Abigail. Maryland saw the same five names reach the top, but in a different order. Mila, Bella, Melanie and Mary came back into style in 2014. Londyn and Paisley made it onto the list in Virginia, but not in Maryland or D.C. Makayla, Molly, Clara and Catherine were popular in 2013, but didn’t last through the next year.


In D.C., the top two names were Alexander, with 75, and Elizabeth with 51. These didn’t crack the top 10 in Virginia, and Elizabeth only made it to eighth place in Maryland.

After Alexander, William, John, Benjamin and Charles were the most popular.  New names, such as Roman, Asher, Josue and Felix, were added to the list. Jayceon, Kai, Zion and Malachi didn’t come back in 2014.

For girls, Zara, Rose, Nylah and Destiny were new additions to 2014’s list. Fiona, Harmony, and Layla/Leila/Laila weren’t popular enough in 2014 to make the list again.

Places and things

Destination names have grown in popularity over the past decade, as more Brooklyns and Londons are being introduced to the world. Paris, Sydney, Savannah and Dakota are also popular choices.

Peyton is gaining popularity, but as a girl’s name. Believe it or not, between 2013 and 2014, there weren’t enough baby boy Peytons born to make the list in D.C., Maryland or Virginia. However, Peyton as a girl’s name was popular enough to make the list both years in all three places.

We’ve got Kings, but we also have presidents. Lincoln, Jackson, Carter and Grant were popular for boys, and Kennedy, Reagan and  Madison were high on lists in all three areas for baby girls.

While Khloe and Kylie are climbing in popularity, Kimberly was low on the D.C. list in 2013, and Kourtney and Kendall have yet to make any list for any area.

Both Heaven, and backwards-version Nevaeh, made it into the top 100 for girls in all three areas in 2014. Eden was popular in D.C. in 2013, and Faith continues to be popular in all three areas.

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