5 Smart Home Technologies to Elevate Your Home in 2019

With technology continuing to be a growing presence in every aspect of life, the home is no exception. While popular smart home technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod provide users with an array of high-tech functions such as playing music and accessing information from the internet, smart home technology today has advanced even further. Homeowners are presented with a versatile selection of new systems including smart thermostats, light bulbs, plugs, locks and doorbells that offer a new level of intelligence to the everyday home.

Read on to discover some of the latest smart devices in home technology that will elevate your home in the new year. Maybe it’ll even inspire some holiday gifts for family and friends.

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Nest Learning Thermostat
$249 at Nest.com

The Nest thermostat adapts as the seasons change and learns your preferred temperatures throughout the day. Shortly after it’s installed, Nest’s temperature settings will acclimatize according to your preferences — cool at night as you hop into bed and a warm 72 degrees in the morning before your cup of joe, for example. When you head to work, Nest uses your phone’s location to determine if you’ve left and enters eco mode, saving energy and reducing bills by up to 15 percent, according to the company.

Sengled Smart LED Floodlight
$149.99 at Sengled.com

The Sengled Smart LED Floodlight with Wi-Fi includes a built-in camera complete with night vision and motion detection. You can get an alert on your phone when any motion is detected and monitor your home from anywhere using the compatible app. In addition, the lightbulb comes equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can two-way talk with family and look out for your pets.

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Teckin Smart Plug
$22.99 at Amazon.com

Teckin’s Smart Plug can control your home appliances through voice commands to your Amazon Alexa, Echo or Google Assistant. By plugging electronics like lamps or a room humidifier into the Smart Plug, you can schedule to automatically turn them on and off as needed, and you can create custom schedules for traveling and energy-saving purposes.

August Smart Lock
$149 to $279 at August.com

Keyless entry to your home is gaining popularity for increased security and ease of use, and smart lock brand August offers that access with its total control home lock system. The August Smart Lock allows users to lock or unlock their home from anywhere at any time via the smartphone app. The company’s step-up option, Smart Lock Pro, can even be voice activated, compatible with Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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Nest Hello
$229 at Nest.com

In addition to its home climate control technology, Nest offers home security options as well, including its smart doorbell. Residents using Nest Hello have 24/7 access to high-definition video streaming from their doorstep. The camera in the doorbell has night vision for when it’s dark out, 160-degree views and visitor detection alerts. Nest Hello includes a speaker and microphone that allows you to speak to people at your door without having to be there. You also have the option to prerecord messages, look back at previous footage and receive special detection alerts and visuals for visitors and packages.

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