How to keep eating in check this Thanksgiving

Eat well on Thanksgiving, but don\'t go overboard. (WTOP file)

WASHINGTON — The average adult eats approximately 3,000 extra calories on
Thanksgiving Day. But there are ways to keep the damage in check.

“The most valuable piece of information is being mindful of your sense of
fullness,” says Jody
, a fitness and weight-loss specialist who runs Women’s Health and
Support Services in Potomac, Maryland.

She says to be aware of mindless eating, and urges holiday diners to listen to
their bodies. Miller says don’t go for a “’10 out of 10 Thanksgiving Day
full,’ but rather, stop eating when you are still feeling fairly comfortable
and your pants button will still stay closed.”

Miller also advises that you should avoid skipping breakfast on Thanksgiving.
Going hungry can fuel overeating later in the day on calorie-laden holiday
foods such as stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Cooks are advised to keep the meal simple. Instead of having many choices,
just have two options — especially when it
comes to dessert, says Miller, who also suggests trying a healthier version of
one family favorite each year.

The other key to keeping Thanksgiving from becoming a diet disaster is to get
in some exercise. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, and can be as easy as a
family walk before the holiday meal.

Miller, a registered clinical physiologist, says exercise is a
great way to help keep the pounds from piling up throughout the holiday
season. She says people who are consistent and get in some kind of activity
every day will be one step ahead of everyone else at the start of 2015.

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