Confessions of a Serial Spouse

WASHINGTON – So how many trips down the aisle does it take to get it right?

For Margo Howard, it took four.

“You know everyone is Mr. Right, when you get married,” she says.

Howard’s new book “Eat, Drink & Remarry” is a journey through her four marriages and her search for the perfect mate.

“I loved all my husbands when I got married,” says Howard, an advice columnist, who writes under the names Dear Prudence and Dear Margo.

So why did she not heed that voice in her head before tying the knot after the second or third marriage and why did she not listen advice from her own mother Eppie Lederer, better known as advice icon Ann Landers? Because, Howard says, “I do believe in love.”

Psychologist Leslie Becker-Phelps says after a failed marriage, we do learn some lessons. But in the case of a serial spouse, “not enough, or a least not the important ones,” says the author of “Insecure Love.”

“If you’ve been married even once or twice before, you might want to stop before you get married again and say,

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