Some uncommon triggers that cause headaches

WASHINGTON – Some headaches have run-of-the-mill causes – stress, eyestrain or hormonal shifts. But some headache triggers aren’t quite as common and lead to that gnawing pain.

Have you ever felt like the roots of your hair hurt? Pulling your hair too tightly in a ponytail can cause a headache and so can tight-fitting hats, headbands, and heavy earrings.

Perfume can be a problem for some headache sufferers as well – strong odors can activate the nose’s nerve cells and cause head pain.

Rising temperatures, high humidity lightning and cloudy skies can bring on headaches in some people who are prone to them. Weather shifts are believed to trigger chemical and electrical changes in the brain that irritate nerves.

Doctors recommend taking ibuprofen a day before expected changes in the weather.

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