Did Russell Crowe spot a UFO?

WASHINGTON – Russell Crowe and UFOs.

No, it’s not a reference to the New Zealand-born actor’s next movie, but to footage on YouTube Crowe recently sent out via Twitter.

In tweets dated March 6, Crowe’s account sent out a link to a YouTube video showing what reportedly are time-lapse photos from outside the actor’s office in Australia:

Crowe says he and his friend intended to capture fruit bats on film, and instead got something else. His link goes to a video posted under the username “ParallelUniverse1234” and poses the question of “UFO?” in its title.

News.com.au reports a Crowe rep says the footage is about four years old. The site also notes it was tweeted shortly after Crowe made a sarcastic gripe related to the release of his movie “Broken City” in Australia.