Dating website matches couples who look alike

A new dating website www.findyourfacemate.com matches people with similar facial features.

Randi Martin, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – What attracts people to each other? Songwriters, poets and dating experts have been struggling with that question for years.

The latest answer comes from a new website www.findyourfacemate.com. The free dating site claims people are attracted to others who look like them.

“I believe similar facial features attract us to each other,” says Christina Bloom, founder and CEO of findyourfacemate.com. “It’s not that we are looking for ourselves, it’s when we meet someone we recognize something that attracts us, and I think it’s facial similarities.”

The website asks questions about people’s values and lifestyles, but the most important piece of information is a photo of your face. When the photo is uploaded, the company uses facial recognition software and an algorithm to identify partners that share similar features.

There are 67 points used to make the match — including the shape of a person’s face, distance between eyes, fullness of lips and hairlines.

Bloom says people with similar faces will be attracted to each other.

“You’re going to have a more likely chance of having chemistry,” she says.

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