Happy hangover: Tips for avoiding the post-New Year’s Eve headache

WASHINGTON – The new year brings with it much promise: new beginnings, resolutions and perhaps even new taxes.

But for many, the first thing 2014 will bring is a killer hangover.

To prepare, you may want to have these hangover cures from Buzzfeed ready to go.

  • Asparagus: Compounds in asapargus have been shown to reverse negative effects of alcohol on human cells. However, an extract might be more effective than eating a large amount of the green veggie.
  • Caffeine: According to Buzzfeed, “In 2011, researchers did some terrible-sounding things to rat brains and determined that the culprit behind hangover headaches is a chemical called adenosine. The best antidote: caffeine. Of course, caffeine also serves the secondary purpose of waking up after a late night out on the town (not applicable to rats).”
  • Advil: Enough said.
  • Cactus: The trick with cactus extract is to take it before drinking. Then it will help with nausea and dry mouth. Prickly pear margarita, anyone?
  • Bacon: The amino acids in bacon are healers for a brain that is suffering withdrawal.
  • Orange juice: The citrusy juice is good for you, regardless of a hangover, but the vitamin C also accelerates alcohol metabolism.
  • Eggs: “Research shows that cysteine, a compound in eggs, can help counteract aldehyde, one of the chemicals that builds up in your body when you drink too much,” says Buzzfeed.
  • Hummus: Pyritinol, a form of vitamin B6, has been shown to make people less hung over the day after drinking. Chickpeas, of which hummus is made, are a great source of vitamin B6.

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