Binge drinking: Fine line between holiday cheer and a problem

Kathy Stewart, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – The holiday season is a time of year where many overindulge. And as some get caught up in the celebration – how many drinks is considered binge drinking?

Four? Five in one sitting?

Five or more drinks for men and four or more for women is considered binge drinking, reports The Daily Progress in Charlottesville, Va. That would be like polishing off a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine in a matter of hours.

Citing a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Daily Progress says 38 million Americans binge drink four times a month on average.

Those older than age 65 binge five to six times a month. Young adults between the ages of 18-34 binge drink the most. And about half the alcohol adults drink is consumed during a binge.

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